Athena Terrain Creator

What is it?

Create dynamic terrains from heightmaps with adjustable quality and multiple textures that render directly inside the PlayCanvas editor.

Athena Terrain creator is an editor extension that integrates seamlessly with the PlayCanvas editor. It provides tools that help you add natural terrains in your scenes and the ability to do object placement in a WYSIWYG way.



  • In editor terrain generator from heightmaps. No need to include big terrain models to your app, reduce your download size to a minimum.
  • Terrain generation on runtime is fast! Depending on the quality selected can be < 300ms.
  • Support for single and tiled heightmaps, seams are properly calculated during normals generation.
  • Why tiles? Benefit by camera frustrum culling to achieve greater performance.
  • Support for infinite number of terrains! Take care of your polycount and you can have as many terrains as you like.
  • Control your terrain model detail by selecting the number of subdivisions.
  • Control your terrain total size in all directions.
  • Support for colormaps with up to four texture channels.
  • The splatmap shader uses the PlayCanvas shader chunks system supporting all lighting/rendering effects.
  • The terrain model generated uses a standard PlayCanvas material for lighting.
  • A collision component is added that allows compatibility with other editor extensions coming soon.
  • A special terrain-runtime.js script is added to your project to generate your terrain on runtime. All terrains generated are yours to keep!
  • All extension fields include detailed tooltips with usage instructions.
  • API pc.Events that allow you to add your custom logic during terrain generation/texturing.

How to use it?

[coming soon]