How does it works?

PlayCanvas is a web-first game engine providing cloud services to collaboratively build web 2D and 3D content. It is a powerful content creation platform that provides an easy to use visual editor.

The PlayCanvas engine code is open-source providing a great learning resource in how the engine operates. The good guys at PlayCanvas took a step further and provide the editor code unminified on purpose.


The editor runs in the context of a browser and you can easily inject Javascript code to interact with the editor object.

That’s the main principal behind the Playing In Canvas extensions:

  • The PIC browser extension is responsible for injecting Javascript code to interact and extend the PlayCanvas editor.
  • Many of the available extensions provide additional runtime scripts which get downloaded and added to your project.

For our Starter Kits products upon a request of yours we transfer full ownership of a fork (copy) of a PlayCanvas project. Which gets created and added to your account.


The PlayCanvas editor API is under constant development and with no official release yet. That means with feature updates it can potentially break or change the behaviour of an extension. The PIC team is determined in fixing all bugs/issues that may arise as soon as possible.


  • A PlayCanvas user account (free, personal and organisation accounts are all supported).
  • The PIC browser extension available for Chrome.
  • An internet connection.

How to purchase an extension?

  1. Go to the PIC store page by visiting this url: https://pic.pirron-rodon.one
  2. If you aren’t logged in, click Login and enter your PIC credentials.


If you don’t have a PIC account here are the steps to create one:

  • Click Login.
  • Click Create new account
  • Fill in your info.
  • An email to verify your account will be send, after you do that you are ready to log in.
  1. You are ready to purchase any item of your selection, start by pressing the Buy! button.
  1. Select a subscription/purchase option and click the PayPal button.
  1. You will be redirected to the PayPal checkout page where you will be required to enter your payment info to complete the transaction.
  1. After your payment is processed you will be redirected back to the PIC store. In the front page your purchased extension will appear in blue color.

How to use an extension?

To use many of our services in PlayCanvas you need to install a browser extension. By installing it you can easily toggle on/off any purchased extension and also enable free trials to selected products.

Currently available for Chrome, a Firefox extension is under development.

  1. Open a compatible browser, that would be exclusively Chrome for the moment.
  2. Get the PIC extension by going here and clicking Add to Chrome.
  1. Open the PlayCanvas editor and click on the PIC extension icon to activate the extension.

You can now use your purchased extension in the PlayCanvas editor.